Out with the Old, In with the New!

We are now living through debatably the most important communications revolution in the history of humanity. People are connected like never before and a large percent of the population are addicted to this feeling of being connected, obsessed with gaining the latest information that their screen will provide them. Regardless of the source, people are thirsty for new information about people and things that relate to them. This new ability to constantly have the most up to date information has very quickly transformed how people interact with each other and how we market to consumers.

So how do we connect with consumers online? With a global audience at the end of our fingertips why are marketers finding it so difficult to connect with their consumer and potential buyers? It may be because they are using an “old school” marketing mind set, where companies send out a generic message to the masses but this message is so broad that it doesn’t resonate with potential buyers.

With the abundance of information and noise online; marketers are competing for consumers time and attention. So how do we get consumers to spend their scares commodity, which is their time and attention to learn about your product/service? Many old school marketers would believe that the best way to do this is to use a form of interruption marketing that grabs the consumer’s attention and takes them away from what they were originally searching for. However, the culture and economics of online information verses consumer’s time and attention has changed the way we connect with consumers, the best way; to deliver precise information just as your audience needs it.

So how do we do this? How do we deliver information that our consumers want when they need it? It’s rather simple actually, create content that speaks to your buyers, provide information that they will be looking for and they will find you.

What type of information will they be searching for? Well that is for you as a marketer to figure out, use your current consumer base to further develop your consumer personas and develop content that they will be looking for.

Your consumer base will most likely be made up of multiple personas, knowing these personas is key to understanding the types of information they will be searching for. Knowing this, you can create content that satisfies the multiple personas that make up your consumer base and instead of sending out mass messages that speaks to no one, you can create content that speaks directly to the niche markets that make up your consumer base. 

For instance, if your company were in the holistic health industry your company would want to create content that would appeal to your consumers, buyers and other people in the industry. You would want to create content that they may be looking for; facts on health, recipes, alternative remedies etc. To dive even further into the niche markets within the holistic health industry, a company could create content that directly relates to specific illnesses. 

The ultimate goal of niche marketing is to nurture your current consumer base and potential buyers with relevant content that they are searching for. With all the noise and competitor’s content online it is critical to deliver relevant content to connect with consumers.  However, your consumer isn’t represented by one person, a “one size fits all approach” is not going to connect with your consumer on the individual level. But, a tailored approach, an aim to connect with every persona that compiles into your consumer group is an essential step in growing your online presence and connecting with your consumers and potential buyers.