Is Thought Leadership for you?

LinkedIn and Edelman conducted a study of 1,300 business decision makers and C-suite executives which found that Thought Leadership went beyond gaining attention and impacted every stage of the B2B buying process.

Over 80% of business decision makers said Thought Leadership has increased their trust in a vendor organization.

Thought Leadership builds trusts with stakeholders like:

  • Shareholders

  • Staff

  • Executives

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Partners

  • Financial Partners

Trust has a direct impact on the financial health of an organization.

Thought Leadership (done right) builds trust.

Thought leadership led to 41% of C-Suite executives including a company in an RFP opportunity.

Close to half of the decision-makers felt Thought Leadership helps companies command a premium for their products and services.

A majority of business decision makers use thought leadership to vet an organization and understand its caliber of thinking. Business decision makers find Thought Leadership important, even critical. More surprising: 16% of CXOs spend four hours or more per week engaging with it.

We carefully select a few leaders to participate

(this is not for everyone)


Some of the criteria we look for…

  • A passion for your industry

  • Deep knowledge and perspectives to share

  • Are prepared to commit to a process to build your platform

  • Willing to make yourself available for Media and Speaking Gigs

  • Have a desire to learn new skills that are highly transferable

  • You understand that success in thought leadership is a long-term play

  • Your business can support this effort financially


Program Details

Each program is customized to the needs of the Executive. We do all the heavy lifting, but since YOU are the product, we need to help shape your platform and your delivery.

Phase I

This preparation phase will take approximately 90 days (depending on your schedule). You are expected to commit approximately 2.5 hours a week over the 90 day period.

Platform Development

This is where the magic happens. Passion meets poetic
meets reality.

Digital Audit and Primer

We audit your digital reputation and provide you with the knowledge to optimize your digital footprint.

Speech Development

Yes, a good old-fashioned speech. Working with our world-class speech writer.

Speaker Training

You have two options depending on your current capabilities:

  • Experienced Speakers:  You have a lot of experience speaking. We provide expert feedback on style and emphasis while you practice the speech that we develop.

  • Novice Speakers: a detailed speaker training session where you work on the best practices of storytelling with our world-class experts


Write or Edit Bio

Your Bio is your calling card and it should reflect your thought leadership positioning.

Write LinkedIn Bio

Your LinkedIn Bio is part of your digital reputation plan and ensuring you are “discoverable” is our primary goal here.

Build website

A landing place to tell your story and to help secure media opportunities and speaking gigs.


Phase II


Now that the foundation is in place it’s time to start the outreach program. Your commitment of time is about one hour per month excluding any media or speaking gigs


Infinitycomm will handle:

  • Social Media Posting (micro content)

  • Media Relations outreach

  • Speaker Outreach

  • Content Development - Blog Posts and short Videos


Think you meet our criteria?

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