The ‘Influencing’ Trends We Expect To See From Influencer Marketing

The ‘Influencing’ Trends We Expect To See From Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t implemented influencer marketing into your brand strategy, we have one question for you… what are you waiting for? After years of struggling to find its place in the marketing world, influencer marketing has evolved dramatically as a proven strategy embraced by brands and agencies across the industry.

The current marketing darling in 2016 had 86% of marketers engaged in influencer marketing in some capacity, 94% of which found it effective according to a recent Linqia survey.  With influencer marketing having such a positive impact, here are a few trends InfinityComm CEO, Alan McLaren believes we will see more of:

Smaller Influencers Will Be Stealing The Spotlight:

From a trend perspective, what we see is that typically large brands will look at influencer marketing and feel they must reach out to the Kim Kardashians of the world. That approach does have its effectiveness because we do certainly live in a celebrity culture; however, we actually think the trend is going to go smaller. It’s going to be interesting to see because everybody has an audience and the tighter you are with that audience, both in person and online, the better an opportunity you have to influence somebody.

If you think about human behaviour, almost everything that we do is influenced by something or someone. This behaviour can be conscious, but most times it is unconscious. With smaller influencers comes a sense of familiarity. We have similar lifestyles, we have the same interests and most of all, we trust them. Word of mouth and peer recommendations continue to be more reliable when it comes to brands. If my friend (or in this case a tech blogger that I trust) recommends a brand, so will I.

There is something subtle about influencers and how we are influenced as humans. The smaller the influencer, the more authentic and trustworthy they appear to us.

Shorter Videos, Bigger Impact: 

Digital video has been a hot trend in the marketing industry for the past few years.  How about telling a story in six seconds? This will make it tough for marketers, but studies show that we don’t have much time to capture someone’s attention.

Combine the use of video and influencers, and you have the best of both worlds. Video provides a form of interaction that goes beyond imagery and words; you can actually see the influencer and the product being used. It creates personality and credibility with a real ‘human’ approach. With the continuing popularity of video platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, along with Facebook and Twitter introducing more video/live options, we will continue to see shorter videos presented to us.

The influencer will have to continue to be creative to engage with their audience in a timely manner, while also showing the benefits of the product/service they are recommending. This is why Buzzfeed Tasty videos and quick make-up tutorials do so well. They are to the point and they relate to so many of us who are living hectic lifestyles.

The placement of these videos will depend on the product and more importantly, the audience. If you’re using influencers to drive sales of jewellery or to sell cars, there’s a different approach for each. The type of videos and the type of content on the right platform will be what’s relevant. 

Better Return on ROI:

One thing we love about influencers is that there can be a direct ROI that is measureable. An absolutely direct ROI, whether you’re using personal URLs (PURLs) or special promo-codes, or a tool we love called Squeeze, gives us an ability to track activities that are coming from influencers online. There are also ways to measure visits to retail stores following a visit online. When you have the ability to measure your marketing efforts, you can pivot quickly compared to the traditional methods of marketing.

Back to our question above, if you haven’t looked into using influencer marketing…what are you waiting for?

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