The 2015 “Social” Bowl

For many, the Super Bowl is just an excuse to justify eating three pounds of chicken wings and a whole plate of nachos with no regrets.

There are usually four reasons why the Super Bowl has become a custom, even among those that will admit that it was the only NFL game that they have watched all year (I am also guilty of that!)

The four reasons are:

– The game (obviously)

– The Half Time Show (obviously)

– An excuse to gather with friends to eat, and eat and…eat again

– And, last but not least, the TV advertisements

For me, since my job involves social media, what I had my eyes on this year were the advertisements and the social media trends that followed. It’s no surprise that the Super Bowl stacked in the dough again this year with a historic rating of 114.5 million viewers and each advertiser handed over approximately 4.5 million dollars for their 30-second slot.

Here’s a break down on what went down during Super Bowl XLIX that made an impact in the digital and ad world.

These advertisements definitely hit the mark in making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.