I’ve Got 99 Problems…

… and a Pitch Ain’t One.

Crafting the perfect media pitch can be tricky but if you know what the journalist is looking for it should be a breeze. Below you will find a list of tools and tips to help in creating the perfect pitch. 

Craft Creative and Meaningful Content

Don’t be fooled into thinking this means a longwinded pitch filled with creative and meaningful content. Brevity is essential. Remember you want to hook them in with a potential story idea, just enough that they are thirsty for more information on the topic.

You want your pitch to be the bones that will make up the journalists end story. The meat will be filled with information and thoughts gathered from an interview with your client.

Your goal is to position your client as an industry expert and to that point you must also become an industry expert. Immerse yourself in the topic(s) or the individual and the media that are writing about it as well.

Think Social:

Many journalists are extremely active on social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. They tend to tweet or post about the current story they are working on at that exact moment. Twitter is a fantastic tool for both the journalist and the PR professional. It’s a two way street.

You want to be top of mind with the media at all times. Engaging with them via social media is another way your name will be remembered when your email shows up in their inbox.

Pick up the phone:

Media relations is about relationships. It is so important to cultivate meaningful and genuine relationships with media contacts on a regular basis – Note the underline… It’s important that you not only maintain these relationships when you have a story to pitch but also when don’t. Check in without an ulterior motive to see what their focus is over the coming days – This helps to understand trends.

Think outside the Press Release – Far Outside

It’s a big world out there full of colorful and unique content vehicles. If you want to get recognized you have to take chances and do things a bit different than the average public relations professional. Think info-graphics, poll question results, slide shares, videos etc.

See below for an info-graphic of an info-graphic – You’re welcome!

Stay on Trend

Don’t just pitch for the sake of pitching. It’s important to understand the trends that are happening in the media around certain times of the month, year or day.

There are certain themes that the media will recycle and if you are in the know you’ll be one step ahead of all other public relations professionals. The only way to predict or know these trends is to keep up with the media. Get out your iPad, laptop or newspaper and start reading!

Let the pitching begin!