Interacting with consumers via Instagram

Instagram is a powerful way for a company to connect with its consumer base; it allows companies to communicate their brand message to their consumer like never before. The very basic customer service strategy to “give customers what they want” can directly relate to how a successful B2C Instagram account is operated. 

Generally, if you expect to have a strong consumer following they will expect you to deliver some sort of value for having them as your fan; it’s as simple as that. Below are a few tips on how to communicate your brand message and keep your followers happy to have your brand on their feed. 

Host Contest and Exclusive Promotions:
Give your followers a reason to keep you on their feed. Chances are most of your follower have purchased one of your products/services before or are interested in purchasing your product/service in the near future. Your followers are your consumers and Instagram puts your brand right in the palm of their hands. Use Instagram to tell your consumers about promotions, give exclusive promo codes and drive them to your app or website.

Promotions are great way to add value to your followers but promo codes and discounts aren’t as exciting as contests. Incorporate contests that call your followers to action, get them to do something you want, whether that be to provide an email, tag your company or to simply like a photo. Whatever you want them to do, make sure you’re giving enough value for what is asked otherwise, this strategy can backfire.

Post likeable Images That Showcase Your Product/Service:
Instagram as a social media platform is all about visual communication, ensure what your company is posting is visually appealing and delivers a clear direct message. A simple photo showcasing your products or services with a creative spin can be enough to drive likes and deliver a strong brand message at the same time. 

Another strategy to drive likes is to post to the trends, keep an eye on what is trending across social media and see how your brand can deliver relevant content to the most current trends. A basic strategy to keep up with the trends is to follow the calendar year, celebrate holidays and events that take place throughout the year. 

Share Company Stories and Celebrate Milestones:
Tell your company’s story, it’s okay brag about yourself a little bit. Let the world know what a great company you have by sharing company success stories, charity work, public engagement, showing off your great staff and celebrating milestones. This type of content will give your followers a greater insight to what your brand is all about.

It’s important to interact with your followers; social media is not like other media outlets. When you post, your followers can instantly interact with you and give feedback on                                                             whatever is posted, the hope is that most of the feedback will be good but some of it most likely will be bad. It is important to interact with your followers who are positively interacting with your account but it is equally important to respond when someone has a legitimate concern/issue.

There are your tips to running a B2C Instagram account, apply these strategies to your account and discreetly deliver your brand messages while delivering likeable content that your followers will “like” and interact with.