Did You “Like” My Post?

There are many factors that influence the amount of interactions our posts get on social media. One of the greatest factors is the reach your content has. Accounts with more followers are obviously more likely to get more interactions. However, there are things that every social media user should pay attention to in order to maximize the number of interactions their post receives.

  • Timing is Key

There is no time like the present, although in the world of social media timing is everything. You may be posting some pretty rad content and not getting the interactions you anticipated or hoped for. Alternatively, you might be posting some pretty not-so- great stuff and have no idea why it received more interactions than your rad post from earlier that day. If this is happening to you, it is time to start thinking about timing your posts. Content posted later in the day, ultimately gets more “likes” and “shares”. Likes peak around 8PM while shares peak earlier in the evening around 6PM. Therefore, to maximize the interactions your posts are getting, plan to post just before these key times.

Now that you have coordinated your posts with the time of the day, you should also pay attention to the specific day of the week that you are posting your content. In the world of social media, not all days are equal. The highest rates of interactions happen between Friday and Sunday. We all look forward to Fridays and it just so happens, so does the social media world. Posting over the weekend will help increase your interactions and therefore, is an important part of ensuring you get the most out of your content. During the weekdays, the rate of post to interactions tends to decline. Keep in mind, both the time and the day of the week when planning your next post and you’ll see a difference in the levels of engagement your accounts are receiving.

  • Content is King

Across all social media platforms images get the lion’s share of interactions. If you currently aren’t using images as part of your content strategy, now is the time to start. Posting high-quality, relevant photos is the best way to increase the number of interactions your account is getting. Social media users are more inclined to interact with an image because they are more appealing and easier to consume than other forms of content. Of course, you should still include other forms of content in your social media strategy, such as links, videos and text but incorporate images with your posts to increase engagement.

  • Don’t Be a Flake!

Increase the amount of shares, likes and comments your content is getting by taking a clear stand on topics. Posts with neutral tones (neither positive or negative), tend to get less engagement. So it is no surprise that people are more inclined to react (share, like, comment) to content that evokes emotion. For example, pizza lovers would be more inclined to share a post that was either very positive or very negative about pizza, rather than a post that indicated that pizza was “just ok” – not too interesting.

Pick one direction and stick to it 

Increase the amount of interactions your social media accounts are getting by simply paying attention to some details. A good social media strategy is about delivering the right content at the right time. Post interesting content and add images to your posts to help increase the engagement that your accounts are receiving and watch your “likes” grow.